Global Unity DVD (In Stock)

Nia-cise at home! This is an entire routine with a demonstration segment at the end. $20 (tax included)


Global Unity CD

Music for the Global Unity Routine. Special Order.

$20 (tax included)


Opal DVD (In Stock)

Opal explores the concept of yin and yang in this lively and fun routine.

$20 (tax included)


Sanjana DVD (In Stock)

Discover the Nia principle of dynamic ease. Easy to learn and great music.

$20 (tax included)


Various Music CD’s (In Stock)

Enjoy music from the newest Nia routines including, Opal, Passion & Earthsong.

$15 (tax included)

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Unplugged—Dance to Drums DVD (In Stock)

This routine is an energetic routine set to live drumming. Best for those familiar with Nia.

$20 (tax included)

Tina Payton B.A. (Certified Nia Instructor)

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