Text Box: 	My Mission: is to inspire positive and healthful changes in your life: physically, intellectually, emotionally & spiritually by helping you to make confident changes in your everyday life. I want to work with you to bring greater awareness to your path, to renew your energy, unlock the playfulness, encourage the creative, and help you to use your innate wisdom to be the best you can be.


About Nia:

“I avoided Cardio exercise classes for years. The thought of the "rah, rah, boom, boom, three more times, you can do it", over the sound of a blaring Boom Box put me off - until I discovered Nia, a quiet, effective, always changing routine. I love it!” 

           "I look forward to this fun, energizing hour of dance with an instructor who is encouraging and has a great sense of humour!" 

           “I LOVE this. I can be graceful. I can be strong. I laugh! I get to play like my kids. How much fun is that? This is exercise - that’s not really like exercise - that I will stick with.”

About Readings:

“Your Tarot session made me look at things in a whole new light. Thanks for opening my eyes to the possibilities I refused to acknowledge.” RN


“The reading got right down to the root of what my concerns were. No fake fancy fortune telling, just clear direction. Exactly what I needed.” LM


About Energy Treatments:

“ It was wonderful and weird at the same time. I felt no pain for days after the treatment after having almost constant pain for years.” MK

“After 2 treatments, I felt the whole energy of my body shift, a release, like a weight lifting.”  MS






Soul Dancing

...Live, Love, Laugh

About Me (just in case you wanted to know)





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Tina Payton B.A. (Certified Nia Instructor)

My Background:   


For years, as a young’un, much to my parents’ horror, I was studying energy work, psi, Astrology and Tarot cards, doing charts and sneaking readings for my terrified friends. In the 60’s and 70’s, interest in these arts, according to my Grandmother, assured one’s place in hell. While my mother searched my room for psychedelic drugs, my father screened all potential boyfriends for links to hippie communes. My older brother and sister also spent hours experimenting with the unknown, attempting séances and hypnotism, often volunteering me to be the subject. Needless to say, we often had interesting parties that usually included candles and chanting, or tours of our “ghost room”. It wasn’t till much later that I realized that my Grandmother, who could cure your headache just by touching your head, was an “Energyworker” and that my Grandfather would often experience precognitive visions. My mother would finally speak of her near death experience, angels and deceased brother’s visits. My father, the pronounced sceptic of the family, would confess to hearing our beloved deceased dog Skeezer walking around in the kitchen or settling down to sleep beside the sofa.

In my youth, in addition to my interest in spiritual matters, I spent time as a dancer, singer, improv performer and actress. When it came time to head off to university, I toyed with the idea of studying theatre or parapsychology. Instead, I opted for a career that would be more practical. I studied Educational/Child Psychology, Brain Physiology, English and Social Work. Unfortunately, on my way to graduate studies, it became apparent that statistics would have nothing to do with me and that I would not be able to bear the rigidity of the educational system or clinical practice. This epiphany prompted me to study drama formally. Around that time, I became intrigued with creative movement and the mind/body connection. I loved doing children's theatre and musicals and had hopes of starting a theatre troupe. Singing and music was in my blood. Writing was in my heart and dance in my soul. I was good to go.

A short time later,  I became deeply aware of the importance of having laughter in your life when I had to deal with a life altering tragedy that totally devastated me.

 In the years following, I was lucky enough to meet influential individuals that would lead me to explore a wide range of disciplines that would help me heal and further enrich my life. My studies included diverse forms of dance, mime, Pilates, Laban, Alexander Technique, Aerobics (which hated my knees), mid distance running (which only moderately hated my knees), Tai Chi, Yoga, Astrology, Trager, Tarot and Meditation.

I’ve taken many diverse paths, in my search for a viable career. I’ve run a company  educating brain injured survivors to use computers as adaptive living tools, been a make-up artist, model and a clothing designer and seamstress. I owned an entertainment agency, acted and sang in theatre, radio and television productions. I’ve spent time teaching acting and computer skills (of all things!) to all groups of people. However, the universe works in mysterious ways, turning my path back to where I started - back to my spiritual roots. I formally studied Therapeutic Touch, Energy HealingTherapy, Intuitive Studies and the Chakra System and Complementary Care. Then, when I least expected it, my path meandered back to my acting and humour origins and somehow it all fit together. I’ve rediscovered playfulness in life through storytelling and improvisation with kids and in helping adults rediscover laughter. This is where I am meant to be—for now.

And then there’s Nia. I instantly knew that it was the “whole person” approach to fitness that I had been looking for to round out my lifestyle. I would find that Nia’s holistic framework of wellness and healing would be an indispensable compliment to my Energy Healing/Intuitive Tarot Reading practice.

And now I am here. When I am not Nia-ing or Tarot-ing, I am a Mom,  performer,  storyteller, cooking enthusiast, photography buff, and workshop facilitator. I am currently working on a book and one person play that I hope to have completed soon.

My Credo: I believe the path to discovering who we are, does not always have to be one of serious contemplation. Life is a three dimensional affair and we are three dimensional beings. Although we need to acknowledge all our feelings, we often overlook the one that can have the most profound and positive effect on our lives. Joyfulness. We are afraid that if we are joyful, if we “let down our guard”, something terrible is bound to happen. Just because we can giggle, does not necessarily mean we do not take things seriously.



Hey….this is me!

           In reality, a humourous outlook on life’s challenges can change the way we perceive unfavourable events. It can help us find creative solutions to problems and it can help us connect to other people. To allow ourselves to laugh, is to allow ourselves to become whole. I hope to help you in your journey to wholeness by providing you with healing for the body, mind, spirit and emotions…..and laughter on the side.

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