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Tarot Readings & Energy Treatments

I am happy to offer you Tarot Readings, Auricfield Energy Therapy,  Combined Readings, Crystal Healing and Natal Astrological Charts 


What makes your experience with me for your reading or treatment different?

My degree in psychology and training in various energetic healing techniques are the basis for using wisdom of the cards for healing. I combine an intuitive, empathetic and interactive personal card reading with a hands-on energetic chakra treatment that clients have found to be soothing and informative.


a Tarot Reading  a

Tarot gives you an insightful look at your relationships, personal, career and financial situations, while suggesting breakthroughs and positive changes. I believe the Tarot will reveal what we need to know, not necessarily what we consciously think we want to know. Allow the message revealed in the Tarot reading to be either a validation of what you are already choosing (what is desired), or a warning that you may have chosen poorly (and should now choose again). Be willing to see the Truth, whether that is something you wanted to see, or something you were trying to avoid. Just trust that your Higher Self (or your Higher Power) always wants what is best for you in the long run. Remember, the Truth doesn't hurt - it is your resistance to the Truth that ends up hurting you. I will not predict your future, you have control of the road you will eventually take. I will, however, help you uncover what it is that the cards need to tell you about your path and your life choices.

 $40/half hr. & $75/hr


[ Insight Evenings / Tea & Tarot [

Have a gathering of your friends, co-workers or special themed group events, for an afternoon or evening of tarot readings.  I will travel to your home or business or you come to my office. (travel charges may apply for areas outside the tri-cities area.)

A reading for your guests will cost $35 each for approximately a 25-30 minute reading.  Invite a  minimum of 5 other guests and you (the host/hostess) are free. (Maximum of 8 please)


a Auricfield Energy Therapy  a

This is a non-invasive energy treatment with the use of light touch or a sweeping motion of the hands in the aura field a few inches above the body. The treatment involves lying on a massage table, fully clothed and takes about 1 hour. You may experience a feeling of deep relaxation and energy movement within the body with sensations such as warmth and tingling. It is a powerful way to harmonise the aura, balance the chakras rejuvenate the energy in the body. It helps to heal both the physical and subtle bodies and in turn, accelerates the body’s own healing ability.

The purpose of the treatment is to deal with the underlying causes of an illness or personal patterns, by changing the flow of energy, opening the reservoir of innate knowing of the body and/or addressing the underlying cause of symptoms. 



Tarot Reading combined with an Energy Treatment is a powerful tool to help solidify the wisdom of the cards within the body’s energy field.

1 Hour Combined Reading – $80 or 1.5 Hour - $110


a Crystal Healing    a

Crystal healing is the use of crystals to bring about healing and positive changes in the mind and body. Shamans and healers throughout time have used the healing properties of quartz and other crystals. Silicon dioxide molecules which are found in quartz, can transform to an electrical frequency - just think of how a computer stores information. This is true energy/vibrational medicine. When we place these vibrational rates within the aura - the aura's vibrational rates also change. The effects can be indirect, but very potent or at other times, the effects are very direct and repeatable. I combine chakra balancing and clearing with the power of crystals by listening to the body and what it requires to come into harmony.

$75 / 1 hr


b Astrology Charts and Reports    a

Learn about the gifts and potential you were born with.

Natal Chart - $85

What are the strengths and challenges of your relationship?

Synastry Chart - $110


I would be happy to schedule a Combined Reading, Tarot Reading or Energy Treatment. For more information, group rates, or to make an appointment, please call or email me @ 519-501-3591 or 

9 Cameron St. N. Kitchener, ON






Phone: 519-501-3591

Located in: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada



Tina Payton B.A. (Certified Nia Instructor)

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Energy Treatment should never be used as a substitute for medical treatment. It is however, an effective  complimentary therapy that may be used in conjunction with other medical treatments and procedures.