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I am pleased to announce that I will now be offering Healing with Crystals to my repertoire of healing work. As well as still offering home visits and parties, I have a lovely new location at the CLC Clinic (9 Cameron St. N. Kitchener) where I will provide Energy Treatments and Tarot Readings.


A great article about Nia appeared in the May 2010 issue of Best Health Magazine, written by our own Yvonne Chypchar’s experience with Nia.







Phone: 519-501-3591

Located in: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada



Text Box: If you know of a worthy cause that would like to organize a “Fun”draiser, how about suggesting a Nia Jam or Beginners Nia Workshop? Maybe a Humour Workshop or Storytelling.
What is a Nia Jam? For 1.5 to 2 hours, certified Nia Instructors will donate their time to guide participants through various Nia  kata. Suitable for everyone! This is the perfect time to introduce your friends and family to Nia and to support a worthy cause at the same time! 
I would be happy to provide more information about Fundraising options or help organize a Nia Jam event. Please contact me for more information. 
Text Box: Nia FUN-damentals: NIA BASICS
Heard about Nia and want to learn what it’s is all about? Just started Nia and find yourself a little overwhelmed with the language? Have you taken classes before and want to go deeper into the Nia experience? Then, this basic workshop is a must. You will get a solid overview of the principles and philosophies behind The Nia Technique. We will discuss and explore the benefits of Nia, body awareness and sensation, body rhythm, natural time, the cycles, the energies and the 5 stages of healing. I’ll be talking (as usual) in this workshop, but be prepared to shake your booty too! Wear comfortable clothing, bring a mat/blanket and water. 
Date TBA, 12:30– 2:45 pm @ Rockway Centre, King St. E., Kitchener 
$30 advance/$35 door
Click here to pre-register for this workshop 
You will receive confirmation & details shortly

Tina Payton B.A. (Certified Nia Instructor)

News and Events

Explore The Chakras

Learn basics about the Chakra system - placement, purpose and energy of the chakras and how they affect the body and healing. We will also learn to stimulate the chakra energy through basic exercises, self exploration, Nia movement and meditation.

TBA, 12:30—3 pm @ Rockway Centre, $35

Click here to pre-register for this workshop

You will receive confirmation & details shortly


Nia FUN-damentals: THE 52 MOVES

In this workshop, you will experience an exhilarating and fun introduction to Nia’s 52 moves. You’ll learn the name and function of each of the moves and how they aid in healing the body. Learn how to do the moves correctly and safely.
This session will focus on movements of the Base: foot placement, steps, stances and kicks, the Core: movements of the pelvis, ribcage and head and the Upper Extremities: creative, expressive movements of the arms, hands and fingers. This workshop is great for those who are new to Nia, those that want to brush up on the basic steps or those that want to get a good foundation of the moves before starting a class. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a mat/blanket and water. Be prepared to move
all body parts and give your funny bones a good workout too!

TBA, 12:30– 2:45 pm @ Rockway Centre, King St. E., Kitchener      

$35 advance/$40 door

Click here to pre-register for this workshop

 You will receive confirmation & details shortly

Text Box: Nia: Exploring the Body’s Way
Everything you do in Nia supports the design and function of the body. The Body’s Way is a method of moving according to the body's specific design and structure. With The Body's Way, we honor this design and structure and allow it to guide our movement.
Nia’s way is always in alignment with the body. When you begin to understand The Body’s Way, your Body’s Way, you will start creating a new relationship with your body. You will learn how to get optimum power, propulsion, conditioning and flexibility, without pain. Movement choices will change because you will no longer base movement on habit, but on structural and experiential validation. We will use various techniques in this movement-oriented workshop to help you tap into your own Body’s Way. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a mat/blanket, water and writing implement.
Date TBA, 12:30– 2:45 pm @ Rockway Centre, King St. E., Kitchener             $35 advance/$40 door
Click here to pre-register for this workshop

 Play and Laugh for your Health

Find out why laughter is the best medicine. Join me for an informal, experiential workshop where it’s ok to play like a kid, let it all out, and laugh yourself silly. Learn strategies to lessen stress in your life. This is not a Yoga Laughter class, but be prepared to belly laugh and  learn some useful strategies to make your life more joyful. 

Date TBA, Rockway Centre, $30

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